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What is this all about?

My name is Steven Michael Mekkelsen Madden and I am a Systems Engineer, Database Administrator, Certified Scrum Master and Software Developer. I have been in the computer industry in various capacities since the 1970′s. I am also a technical writer and author of one published book called “Beginners Guide for I.S.S.R. Shiloh Shepherd Owners” which is based on my wife Sherri and my experience in raising, breeding, showing and training our four Shiloh Shepherds. I am also the owner of Hedgewitch Crafts, Madden Software Service and of Madden’s Howlin Hills. I have been an ordained Pastor with the ULC since 2009 and have married one couple and renewed another couples vows. I am spiritual and grounded to mother earth and love everything she has to offer us. I look at things with the glass is half-full instead of half-empty and try to see the best in everyone.
It�s my name, so don�t change it! It�s Not Your Name
This site was created to engage all software companies to be realistic with the field lengths and validation imposed on user names.  As you all know, our names are no longer as common as John or Jayne Doe.  Some of us (including my wife and I) have multiple last names.  One of our daughters has two middle names and there are others who have 2 first names like Anna Maria or Becky Jo.  What the software developers provide is a single field for First, Middle (sometimes) and Last Names with restrictions on their lengths in some cases as few as 13 characters for each field.  Seriously??  Where in the world did they find these standards? This site is going to “hopefully” change the standards in how software programs are developed for the web and desktop.

Incorrect standards used