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There are many standards for software across all markets.  Based upon feedback from numerous users and our own personal experience, what we are finding is the biggest issue is with Healthcare Professionals such as Doctors and Hospitals.  All their forms and records never allow for long names or sometimes names with spaces or dashes in them. Other organizations also have this issue and there does not appear to be any forseen changes coming no matter how much we complain.  
While they are not the only offenders of changing our legal names, other big hitters like the utility companies: electric, heating and air conditioning, cable, satellite and telephones (cell & landlines). State and Local Government Offices like County Tax Offices, Town/City Halls for permits, licenses also contribute highly to not using our legal names for their records. Have you been told they have to do this and it is only in their records and not to worry about it, only to see the misspelling in mail they send you?  
Next in the list of insufficient standards for supporting our names are department stores offering store cards or credit cards and our friendly neighborhood banks fall into this list for not using more than one line on a credit card to allow for longer names. No matter who the organization is, we can complain all we want and nothing gets changed because they are at the mercy in most cases with the software they purchased and have no control over the changes to be made.  
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